Wash Ur Ass

Here’s the truth. One time I was locked up and then there was this inmate who refused to shower. Dude went at least a week, maybe 2 weeks without bathing, And he stunk.

Now, I don’t know if yins have ever been locked up or not, or ever done any criminal sh*t, but the general rule is No Snitching! But this dude stunk and people started to complain. He wasn’t on my end of the pod so I didn’t notice as much, or associate with him, but he stunk. You know I wasn’t snitching. Huh uh. Never!

So one day I’m sitting in the commons area playing chess when the CO walks in and says “LISTEN UP.” It wasn’t a super important chess match so we put it on hold to see what the CO had to say. The CO then proceeded to tell people to mind their manners, be considerate, and wash ur ass. The rest of the pod started laughing and pointing at the stink ass. Then we went back to the chess match. It was shortly after the CO’s speech that the guy went and took a shower; Not immediately, but that evening or the next day Stinky bathed. I know this because when he finally went to the showers the pod started cheering for him. Dude had to of been embarrassed. That’s the real story behind “wash ur ass.” You don’t want to stink.