Long story short,

September 28, 2020,

There was a hang up in the specimen.

January 25, 2021,

We (M. Keith Blankenship of DA VINCI'S NOTEBOOK, LLC) replied.

May 13, 2021,

Office Action (Official Letter) [PDF]

James Hill issues letter to inform us that the patent (Trademark) is about to be abandoned bc the Specimen issue still exists.

[I don't get it either. I think he's a bully.]

{This is the hard part; trying to stay hopeful when there seems to be something going on.}

December 2, 2021,

Petition to Revive Abandoned Application.

April 8, 2021,

Petition to Revive DENIED, by a Paralegal Specialist

I I'm out $1,100 and a year so Examining Attorney Hill can be an overbearing Specimen Nazi; and it is not like I can talk to his manager.

Furthermore, M. Keith Blankenship of DA VINCI'S NOTEBOOK, LLC will not respond to me.

Office Action (Official Letter)

Office Action (Official Letter)

I am pretty sure our Judicial System hates me,

AND I think everyone is in on it.